Elliott Wave Compass Summary

The EW-Compass report is published twice a week, Wednesday & Saturday (unless otherwise specified) and focuses on identifying & forecasting short-term price trends and reversal levels for many of the major markets including stock indices, bonds currencies and commodities. Our EW analysis utilises a combination of three different aspects to complement the wave counting process – ‘ratio & proportion’, positive/negative correlations & cycles – each contribute to the pattern building process.

It aims to combine contracts from each asset class across the differing locations of the world, covering markets from the USA, Europe and Asia so that a truly global perspective is attained. No longer will it be necessary to subscribe to multiple publications for different regions – we are trading in an interdependent market and the EW-Compass report will reflect that.

The Elliott Wave charts are created to emphasise pattern, ratio and proportion – of primary importance is to ensure each chart illustrates the particular pattern unfolding to its completion. This is an element so often overlooked in comparative analysis but integral to our task in calculating price targets and establishing risk/reward parameters. The ‘tutorial’ tab located in the main-view area assists you in identifying the main pattern developing for each chart and also the specific ‘permutations’ that represent the varying possibilities for each wave.

Each pattern within the Wave Principle has certain limitations to its amplitude measurements and unique to WaveTrack International’s analysis is the way this is incorporated into each forecast. A strict adherence to the ‘Rules and Guidelines’ that govern ‘Ratio & Proportion’ relationships for each pattern means that we eliminate a large aspect of human subjectivity that so often prevents accurate forecasting.

Subscriptions to the EW-COMPASS report include

  • Username & password access to the EW-COMPASS system to view all charts online
  • Elliott Wave updates published twice weekly illustrating short-term perspectives for the major markets
  • Contracts combine various asset classes from differing locations – USA, Europe & Asia
  • Large viewing area for each chart plus easy to read descriptive text (online as well as EW-Compass report download)
  • Right-click’ functionality to select different contracts, time-periods and ‘alternate counts’
  • Tutorial charts depict the main pattern unfolding for each chart/forecast + permutations
  • Download each report in .pdf format
  • Print/download individual charts
  • Access to archived reports

Contracts covered in the EW-Compass report


  • S&P 500
  • Dow Jones Industrial
  • Russell 2000
  • Nasdaq 100
  • EuroStoxx 50
  • Xetra Dax
  • Ftse 100 (1 x per week)
  • Hang Seng (1 x per week)
  • Shanghai Composite (1 x per week)
  • Nifty 50
  • Nikkei 225
  • ASX 200 (1 x per week)


  • US$ Dollar Index
  • EUR/US$
  • US$/GBP
  • US$/YEN
  • AUD/US$
  • US10yr yield
  • De10yr yield


  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Crude Oil

EW-Compass Report Access

Subscribers can access all forecasts, charts, text descriptions, videos and reports via the EW-Compass application software. Existing users are recommended to log-in on the home page before opening the software.

Please familiarise yourself with the features and functionalities of this software to maximise your learning and experience.

at the main-menu, all contracts included in the current issue are listed collectively in the top-right area. Any Elliott Wave questions or general suggestions can be sent using the ‘Message & Contact’ area below.

Please proceed by clicking ‘Go to Report’. This next page breaks down the entire report into separate products, e.g. stock indices, fixed income etc. This selection process enables you to ‘filter’ your preferences. Clicking on any of the product menu buttons (top-right) loads the corresponding thumbnail images of each contract to the left, e.g. S&P, Dow Jones etc. To jump immediately and view one of these charts within in the main-view & commentary area, simply click on the thumbnail. Alternatively, to view the entire report in sequential order, click ‘View Report Online’.

The chart selected from the thumbnail list will be loaded in the main-view area – its number within the entire sequence of the current issue will appear at the bottom of the chart, e.g. 3/10 or 4/12 etc. If ‘View Report Online’ was selected, then the first chart of the entire report will appear automatically.

Each chart displayed shows the Elliott Wave pattern progression to its full completion. The blue price-data can be differentiated from the black lines that project ongoing price direction into the future. Fibonacci-price-ratios project amplitude and price levels for each successive wave sequence within the overall EW pattern. Cycles will be added where applicable as will positive/negative correlations in successive charts.

The ‘Text’ tab at the top-right menu selection lists the commentary that accompanies each chart. The ‘Video’ tab can be selected for video updates – and the ‘Tutorial’ tab displays the overall EW pattern that corresponds to the current price action displayed in the forecast update, e.g. zig zag single, zig zag double, etc. Its purpose is to show the ‘logic’ of the forecast through comparison. The permutations below the tutorial chart can be selected by ‘mousing-over’ the sub-list, e.g. A-B-C, (5)-(3)-(5). The ‘permutation’ chart shows which pattern has unfolded for the particular wave selected, e.g. A/(5) – out of an extended list of possibilities, the one highlighted for selection is the one that corresponds to the current forecast chart in the main-view area (left).

The latest issue of the EW-Compass report will be made available in .pdf format and can be downloaded by clicking on the <<Extended Report>> link located in the description area. We are at your disposal if you need assistance in the navigation or log-in process. Please contact us via e-mail using services@wavetrack.com or alternatively telephone the office +49(89)210 207 10.

  • Learn more about WaveTrack’s long-term forecasts here – video presentations clarifying specific contract correlations when they occur (link to page for VIDEO Forecasts)

For whom is the EW-Compass Report designed?

Everyone views the market differently even though there are hundreds of thousands of us all observing the same piece of price data. Each one of us views the market in a certain price dimension, and there are many dimensions for us to trade within.

Just look at the explosion of day-traders now engaged in the market, trading countless times within a single day. And then out to swing-traders, momentum traders etc. etc. It is impossible to provide an Elliott Wave forecast to fit all.


Use Elliott Wave to refine your style according to your abilities

So remember, when you view a forecast update, ensure it fits the time-frame best suited to your trading before creating a strategy around it.