Semi-Annual Video Update - OPTION II.

Since the inaugural edition of the EW-Compass report was published, you’ve asked for accompanying medium/long-term analysis in gaining a broader perceptive of Elliott Wave pattern development for many of the world’s major indices.

So we’ve taken many charts from our institutional Elliott Wave Forecast database and compiled them into a video series, publishing each December/January, exactly for this purpose in preparation for the coming year.

As the demand for more indices grew, so did our task in maintaining them to a sufficient standard – no problem! So now, we’ve set aside sufficient resources to ensure the medium/long-term outlooks are sent to you – not just once but TWICE a year!

There are over 120 charts being maintained round the clock so it’s necessary to split the videos into THREE parts – Part I STOCK INDICES, PART II COMMODITIES & PART III CURRENCIES & INTEREST RATES.

WaveTrack’s professional semi-annual Elliott Wave forecast videos provide you with precise and actionable long-term forecasts for the world’s major financial markets delivered straight to your computer.

You can choose between WaveTrack’s single video version (Part I – Stock Indices, Part II Commodities, Part III Currencies and Interest Rates) for USD 48.00 (plus VAT if applicable in your country) or the Triple Package offer for USD 96.00 (plus VAT if applicable in your country) (incl. PART I, II and III).