On behalf of the analysis and production team, I’d like to thank our subscribers that have most kindly sent us testimonials and appraisals of our Elliott Wave Compass reports and videos. Your feedback in our efforts in maintaining the highest standards of analysis make it all worthwhile!

Very best wishes,

Peter Goodburn

… The EW Compass is fantastic, congratulations its really good work (best Elliott Wave service I have ever seen)! …


“Your analysis amazes me as I have not gone into the Nikkei due to your recorded call this week (which I heard 3 times). I had to rewind and watch the Nikkei part about 7 more times as I did not believe that the Nikkei could go below 10,000. I put faith in the Elliott Wave system and lo and behold!!! This morning it’s about to go below 9900… Hence the subject of the email = Amazing…”

G.O., South Korea

“PS: Your reports are awesome, it’s really changed my trading to being in losses for 2 years (and trying all sorts of indicator combos) to actually being profitable and able to occasionally withdraw from my account. Thank you so much for making institutional class reports affordable for very small time traders like myself.”

S.R., London

…I am finally making money…

T.O., Hungary

“I remember when I first saw one of your charts back in 2011 when I was a member of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles. The chart that was posted at the time was forecasting the S&P to go over 1800 and I must admit I thought it was crazy and would never happen. But look where we are now and I congratulate you guys for that amazing forecast. I never forgot that chart and now here I am and looking to join your service.”

M.G., Australia


“I might be very far from an expert on Elliott Wave in spite of looking at the subject intensely over the years, I must say your analytical evaluations are the most in depth and more importantly… understandable… then any I have come across over the years. Since the 1970’s I have only subscribed to a very few newsletters and found nothing amazing in them. But the appearance and integrity of yours is definitely the exception…”



“… I think Compass is an excellent service so thank you. I originally just signed up for 1 month to take a look and, having done that, would like to keep the service beyond that”. “Thanks for adding Crude Oil – I caught last week’s collapse … I am a very happy client”


Thank you again to all at Wavetrack International. I honestly don’t know how anyone can invest and trade without you!!

R.C., U.S.A.

“Just wanted to touch base after getting a chance to see some of your work, and I must say it is amazing. I love the way you integrate cycles with the Wave studies, as it creates a unique synergy to creating good setups for trades”

D.K., U.S.A.

“I had no idea about technical analysis until post the GFC in 2009 when I started digging into why fundamental analysis didn’t work, stumbled on Prechter’s writings and devoured all of it, but found it more difficult to find others writings on Elliott. One of the bloggers I have followed for many years put me onto Peter’s work and Wavetrack, and it has been a real breath of fresh air to see the importance of Fibonacci ratio and proportion added to basic wave form, which is pretty much all that seemed to matter until I started reading Peter’s work.

S.M., U.S.A.

“…where have you been all those years! Why have I not found you before? Your Elliott Wave service is by far the best… thank you.”


“…personally I learned a lot from you and I’m sure many people share the same idea . Your approach to the Fibonacci price ratios is unique and unprecedented , I appreciated your Thinking outside of the box , rules and guidelines of Elliott Waves and Fibonacci numbers can not stay the same for 80 years, someone has to add something sometime…”

jed1971, Saudi Arabia

… first let me say how much I’m learning from your publication and how it’s changing my views on counting! …your work is extraordinary to behold


“I just wanted to congratulate you on the EW-Compass reports launch. I’d say all the work you’ve all put into this project is well worth it … never cease to be amazed by the harmony that you find between the fib relations you highlight and the Elliott count you propose. You are a true descendant of RNE, and I’m quite sure he’d have really loved to see your work … Another aspect that sets you apart is your deep knowledge of the how and why of pattern relationships between higher & lower degrees of the same price action. So much to learn there



“I spent a good part of last evening going over videos and charts provided by you/wavetrack and I have to tell you that it is some of the most compelling, enlightening, and comprehensive approach I have ever come upon, and I say that having spent countless hours reading and searching books, theories etc at the library and the internet. What you and your cohorts have accomplished in regards to Elliott wave analysis is nothing short of genius. I learned more last night than I have in the last few years and I still am in my infancy. I look forward to hopefully one day being able to divine markets movements in (that mathematical box) as well as you do. Perhaps I never shall, but it’s heartening to know that I have happed upon your site / service and know that I have so much to still learn but have found a place that can facilitate that process”



“On a side note I would like to express my truly shocking astonishment about the accuracy of your forecasts. And you do this without any indicators like MACD/RSI, without channelling technique or other tools! I am very very amazed. I spend some time with other Elliott Wave service providers, even with those who are considered to be the benchmark, but have not seen such unique Elliott Wave application and highly accurate forecasts like in analysis done by WaveTrack. Why haven’t I found you before?!

E.S., Russia

“You do great work. Loved your video (refers to bi-annual video series) for all the indices today…”

L.M. – USA

“I have been quite successful using your charts and Charles Nenners cycle analysis in conjunction with each other. It took me some time to formulate a strategy that was fairly safe and well timed, but so far so good. In closing, I want to thank you for the awesome service that you provide and the continuing education that I get from using it. I have become a better trader for sure and have and will continue to learn how to become a better Elliottician myself.”

C.G. – USA

“… I’ve always admired your work. As soon as I saw that you published it on a website, I had to sign up. Allow me to applaud your choice of pricing as well. Very reasonable, at that price you should be able to gain hundreds, if not thousands of subscribers”.


“Wow! This is really impressive. I have heard Peter Goodburn speak, and colleagues have recommended you; I wish taken more notice before!

H.L. – U.K.